Heat Reducing Coating

 posted on 29 Mar, 2016

Cool Coat – Raj Handicrafts (Jodhpur)

Application was done of tin roof

  • Initial solar reflectivity of 31%, after coating 84%.
  • Initial max temperature 120°F, after coating 95°F
  • Better working conditions for the labor


IPCA (Ratlam )

Application was done on Metal solvent tank

  • Surface temp of tank reduced by 18 Degree C .
  • Solvent temp reduced by 8 degree C.
  • Helped to retain solvent.


Apollo Hospital (Ahemdabad)

3 yrs old Construction done by L&T.

  • Due to extreme temp variation & excessive heat Cracks were seen all over china mosaic
  • Air balloon formation in china mosaic.
  • All conventional water proofing failed


Long term solution provided by covering complete roof by seal coat & cool wrap
  • - provided water proofing & cooling.

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