Low Energy Cooling

The Issues faced by All HVAC users: In the Middle East 60 to 70% of Energy bills are of HVAC/ air conditioning.

Our Solution:
TechKnowlogist in partnership with ARKA Clean Technologies offers you solutions for Fresh Air Handling and two stage air conditioners. Reducing air conditioning energy consumption more than 50% using GREEN CLEAN System. 

Two Stage Air Conditioning

Energy Saving Potential in Fresh Air Cooling applications in Hospitality property- 

Air Conditioning or HVAC is one of the most energy guzzling applications across commercial buildings more so for hospitality properties where more than 50 % of the power supplied is used for comfort cooling applications. 

The cooling requirements within a typical mid and large size hotel are diverse and hence HVAC deployment is complex comprising of equipments of various types as well as sizes. The cooling requirement for guest rooms is far different than the cooling of banquet hall and comfort of Chef in the kitchen is dissimilar to the ventilation in Gym or Spa if it is also part of the same property. 

Among all these, the most common attribute which is also the most energy guzzling application, is fresh air circulation. It is mandatory for all hospitality property to intake large amount of fresh air and is also the business need to ensure clean and comfortable environment for the guests. 

Due to tropical climatic conditions in India, ambient fresh air is laden with heat as well as humidity leading to huge power consumption when cooled by present day HVAC technology.

Two Stage AHU

Arka Two Stage IDEC systems—

In GCC countries, summer cooling alone accounts for more then 70% of the annual electrical bill in air conditioned buildings. One of the most practical ways to increase a company’s bottom practice sustainability line is in addressing the energy use for air conditioning these buildings.

Since energy saving opportunity in conventional HVAC have been fractional, what is required is finding new smarter, simpler and energy efficient cooling solution. 

Indirect-Direct Evaporative Cooling (IDEC) is, a cost effective and sustainable modern technique for sensible cooling. With wider acceptance and use ,this technology can help companies save substantially on their operating costs.